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St. Augustine & Palm Coast, Florida
The Pinnacle of Roofing: Atlas Shingles with Scotchgard™ Protector

In the realm of roofing, the choices are vast, but few stand out as distinctly as Atlas Shingles
with Scotchgard Protector. At Enterprise Roofing, we’ve witnessed the transformative power of
this combination, especially for homeowners in St Augustine, FL. Here’s a deep dive into why
Atlas Shingles with Scotchgard Protector might be the ultimate roofing solution for your home.

Atlas Shingles: Synonymous with Excellence

Atlas Shingles have carved a niche for themselves in the roofing industry, consistently ranking
among the top five brands. Their commitment to quality, combined with affordability, makes
them a preferred choice for many. Here’s what sets them apart:
Comprehensive Roofing Solutions: Atlas doesn’t just offer shingles; they provide an
entire roofing solution known as the Signature Select system. This holistic approach
ensures every aspect of your roof is covered.
Wind Resistance: Living in St Augustine, FL, wind resistance is crucial. Atlas roof
shingles boast a resistance of up to 150mph, thanks to their double adhesive sealant line
and an expansive nailing area.
Algae Resistance: A common concern among homeowners is the unsightly black streaks
caused by algae. Atlas shingles come equipped with Scotchgard Protector, offering
warranties that span a lifetime and up to 40 years against algae.

The Power of Scotchgard Protector

When it comes to protection against the elements, Scotchgard Protector stands unrivaled. Here’s
Superior Algae Defense: Unlike standard shingles that use 3-6% copper to combat
algae, shingles with Scotchgard Protector utilize approximately 10-13% copper. This
makes them over twice as effective in safeguarding your roof against algae.
Innovative Technology: 3M, the pioneer behind Scotchgard Protector, employs a unique
method. Copper-containing granules with a proprietary porous ceramic coating release
copper ions gradually. This ensures long-lasting protection against black streaks caused
by algae.
Quality Assurance: Every shingle with Scotchgard Protector undergoes rigorous third-
party verification to ensure the highest quality. Plus, with Enterprise Roofing, you get
the added assurance of a lifetime algae resistance warranty.

Why Choose Enterprise Roofing?

Our partnership with Atlas Shingles is a testament to our commitment to delivering the best for
our St Augustine homeowners. We believe in the power of Atlas Shingles combined with
Scotchgard Protector to elevate the roofing experience. Whether it’s the aesthetic appeal,
durability, or the peace of mind that comes with top-tier warranties, Enterprise Roofing is here
to guide you every step of the way.

In Conclusion

Roofing decisions are pivotal, impacting both the aesthetics and functionality of your home.
With Atlas Shingles and Scotchgard Protector, you’re not just choosing a roofing solution; you’re
investing in a legacy of excellence. If you’re in St Augustine, FL, and are considering a roofing
upgrade, Enterprise Roofing stands ready to assist. Experience the difference of a roof that’s
built to last and looks impeccable while doing so.

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